Project Details

Project - The Valentine

Sector - Education

Technology - Modular

Company - HTA Design

Project Overview

Tide Construction & Vision Modular Systems have developed a volumetric construction product to deliver a turn-key solution for residential buildings faster, more sustainably and to a higher quality. The system is robust and compact and has a low floor to floor dimension in comparison to traditional schemes. This enables us to fully exploit urban sites within the volume of building agreed with the planning authority, such as this PBSA in Gants Hill, Ilford. Speed of delivery was key to meet the commencement of the academic year deadline particularly as works included a basement and elaborate traditional brick and stone façade. The building was completed safely in 11 months during the pandemic. This example of modular construction delivers a building which intentionally expresses permanence and longevity using familiar materials of brick and cast stone. Through this it counters any perceptions that factory made buildings are temporary or compromise architectural freedoms. The student accommodation, owned by Crosstree and Outpost and operated by CRM the popular student accommodation brand, stands at 10 storeys, offering 333 student beds including studio and cluster apartments, complete with communal spaces.