Project Details

Project - The MFS I-Form Solution

Technology - Offsite/Concrete

Company - Masonry Frame Systems

Project Overview

The MFS team have formulated a offsite construction rationale, which we trademarked as the MFS i-Form Solution ™ in 2020. We combine standardised calcium silicate and PCC components and construction systems to drive forward the concept of P-DfMA for offsite manufacture and building design. Our suite of 'platforms', or standardised & repeatable offsite components, enable us to deliver a bespoke solution to the client's needs in terms of building function and site demands. These are all selected on their high end-user performance, as well as being cost-effective for the developer - mainly by saving man hours, resulting in an average saving of 20% on the overall build budget. All digital design is fully BIM compliant and enables us to work collaboratively with the architect and manufacturers. Augmented reality is now also part of our tool kit. Our offsite methods allow mm accurate building elements to be manufactured using only 2 natural materials in factory controlled conditions, where all waste is recycled at source, resulting in zero waste to landfill. Please watch our video which summaries the i-Form Solution™ in action >>