Tenmat- Cavity Fire Barrier on a Roll

Project Details

Project - Cavity Fire Barrier on a Roll

Sector - Commercial

Technology - Component Supplier

Company - Tenmat

Project Overview

The fire protection of external wall cavities and particularly combustible cavities is a topic of great focus over recent years. Tenmat have developed an intumescent product which is proven to outperform all traditional cavity barriers in preventing the spread of fire within wall cavities and is particularly designed to be fitted as part of an offsite construction rather than rely upon the highly variable skills and practises on-site.

In addition to providing improved fire protection, even in combustible wall cavities, the product also provides additional benefits in terms of improved cavity ventilation (reducing moisture build up) an allows the cavity to be completely "open" with no potential moisture bridging between the external and internal walls.

Further more the external wall benefit from improved appearance as weep holes and air bricks are not required at each floor level, all of this is provided by one simple to use product, the Tenmat cavity fire barrier on a roll. Improves the fire safety of building occupants, negates the need for combustible cavity trays and improves the performance of the wall cavity.

Find further information on Tenmat on their website: www.tenmat.com