TAS Architects - Loxley Stables

Project Details

Project - Loxley Stables

Sector - Residential

Technology - Glulam

Company - TAS Architects

Project Overview

The site sits between two established ponds, something that was always going to mean a project that responded sensitively to ecological issues. Large populations of Great Crested Newts meant that 90 day trapping programs, only feasible at certain times of the year, were required through Natural England.

This was always going to mean that site mobilisation would be set back by 6 months later than hoped. A method of construction that would recoup some of that time was therefore looked into, and proved to be a great success with insulated superstructures erected on all three houses within 5 to 6 weeks. Something that could have otherwise taken 4 months.

Intensive Archaeological investigations also meant that ground works were slower than normal. All this meant that resolving complexities such as integrating crossovers of MVHR and Glulam beams and more time on the drawing board was not a problem, when it meant keeping site time to a minimum.

Environmental performance, air tightness and site tolerances to create a number of defining Architectural features were also all important in the decision to go down a modern method of construction.

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