Project Details

Project - Sparkford Road

Sector - Residential

Technology - Timber

Company - T&T Facades

Project Overview

T&T Facades designed, supplied and installed a timber and brick slip rainscreen cladding façade, curtain walling and windows to a student accommodation block consisting of 90 prefabricated pods, fully constructed and fitted out off-site. However, the external walls forming the fixing substrate for our works were less robust than required. The basic principles of a rainscreen system had been overlooked by the pod manufacturer and incorrect assumptions made by the Structural Engineer. The design did not consider the weight or eccentricity of the façade in their finished position and therefore a structure needed to be developed and installed around the pods to support the cladding. T&T developed a unique solution whereby an exo-skeleton was formed around the whole build to distribute the weight load across the whole structure. The brick-slip cladding installation also used a panelised methodology reducing the weight compared to traditional brickwork by c.80%, easing installation. This project is the epitome of the value an experienced façade contractor can bring to a client, providing that specialist knowledge. The result is a great looking, high functioning building providing much needed accommodation for the University of Winchest.