Sigmat - Windmill Hill, Birmingham

Project Details

Project - Windmill Hill, Birmingham

Sector - Residential

Technology - Offsite  

Company - Sigmat

Project Overview

Sigmat completed a large three-block residential complex in busy city-centre location in Birmingham. Working collaboratively with Galliford Try, and engaging early in the design process ensured GT could take advantage of the benefits the Sigmat LGSF system provides. Specifically, with programme surety, improved weather protection and increased structural efficiency.

Engaging in Sigmat's four-step process from design & detail, to manufacturing at the Leeds Manufacturing Facility, panel assembly and then installation on site in line with a staged build sequence.

The city centre location required a very controlled logistics plan, an advantage of the offsite nature of the Sigmat LGSF system to ensure that the site was not overloaded with materials or cause a bottle neck with the surrounding traffic. Overall resulted in a large three block residential complex with 304 one, two and three bed apartments.

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