Project Details

Project - Net Carbon Accommodation Programme - NetCAP

Sector - Residential

Technology - Offsite

Company - Reds10

Project Overview

As a result of Reds10’s cutting edge use of offsite construction methodologies, we delivered the first carbon negative buildings for the Ministry of Defence’s Net Carbon Accommodation Programme (NetCAP). NetCAP is an army and government-funded initiative that aims to transform the lived experience for the Armed Forces by delivering 40 new carbon efficient accommodation blocks, providing over 1,700 bed spaces across the UK Defence Training Estate. Our work is an iterative process. By reviewing data from SMART building technology, we ensure each new accommodation block further improves on energy efficiency and embodied carbon. The blocks are built in our factory, so we retain control over the production process and make improvements to design and specifications as opportunities arise. Once complete, units are sent to site and installed using local labour, further reducing the project’s carbon footprint and boosting local economies. Alongside high levels of sustainability, all accommodation blocks have been delivered on time and budget: green buildings do not need to demand a cost premium. Most importantly, each building is better than the last, proving that dedication to efficient construction can yield ever greater results.