Prater - 101 Embankment

Project Details

Project - 101 Embankment
Sector - Commercial
Contractor - Prater, Carillion

Project Overview

Prater collaborated with key supply chain partners and main contractor Carillion to formulate a robust offsite methodology that would achieve a successful delivery of the project, which included 360° unitised curtain walling for the 10 storey building.

A number of factors made 101 Embankment a challenging project. It was clear that the build process needed to be optimised at each stage of construction to achieve what was required. The short timeframes for completion meant that installation of the façade needed to be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible to allow following trades to begin work. However, this had to be balanced against the need to ensure the highest quality standards were maintained throughout.

The unitised design meant that once installation was completed, individual panels could not be isolated and removed to perform remedial work. As such ensuring the highest quality standards was vital and the controlled factory environment provided the opportunity to carry out rigorous quality assurance checks on every panel prior to delivery to site.

The adoption of an offsite construction process maximised the efficiency of the build and allowed the curtain walling façade, which consisted of 1160 individual panels to be installed in just 20 weeks.

The city centre location of the development also presented issues of restricted space and so the offsite manufactured units where delivered to site exactly when required, reducing the need for onsite storage space.

Furthermore, the installation of the factory-produced modules was performed from inside the building structure and so significantly reduced the risks - not only to the installation teams but also to the other teams working on site.