On The Level - Prefabricated Roof Terrace Tray Liners

Project Details

Project - Prefabricated Roof Terrace Tray Liners

Sector - Commercial

Technology - Component Supplier   

Company - On the Level   

Project Overview

On The Level is a progressive company with a track record of providing solutions to overcome the issue of water damage caused through incorrect gradients and drainage which can result in major remedial works and expense.

Our latest offsite innovation is based on the same methods as our core product range of watertight wet room systems but on a vastly different scale and for a totally different application. We have taken the principles of an internal watertight wet room and placed it in an external environment with water being kept under control by introducing gradients to the top surface forcing the water into the outlet. We established there was no offsite system to create gradients and drainage for flat roof surfaces - our innovative Birch Ply prefabricated Roof Terrace Tray Liners provides the solution.

This offsite manufactured system vastly reduces time in achieving accurate gradients and drainage for flat roof surfaces. Using traditional methods can take in the region of two days whereas our Roof Terrace Tray Liner system can be installed in just 30 minutes. With sustainability being of the highest priority, our Birch Ply based FSC compliant systems help our clients meet sustainability targets and Building Regulations.

Find further information on On the Level on their website: www.onthelevel.co.uk