Caledonian Modular - North West Primary Schools

Project Details

Supplier - Caledonian Modular
Project - North West Primary Schools Building Programme
Technology - Volumetric
Sector - Education

Project Overview

Working with Carillion, Caledonian Modular (CM) has manufactured and built four primary schools comprising a total of 190 modules as part of the North West Primary Schools Building Programme (NWPSB). Offsite modular construction was specified to these four NWPSB projects because of its ability to over-ride professional risks associated with traditional onsite methods by delivering project certainty and predictability on both time and budget. Offsite technology has provided a major element in the delivery of the final project - e.g. cost-predictability, economy, accuracy, speed of installation, energy consumption and building running costs, environmental impact and comfort. CM's approach is to offer flexibility of school design, economies of scale, energy efficiency and occupier comfort to meet bespoke criteria, while conforming to the EFA's FOS standard. There is significant evidence of a collaborative approach and client satisfaction (including CSR) with each school and in working with BAM Construction Limited, North West.