Premier Modular - New Islington School

Project Detail

Main Contractor - Conlon Construction
Architect - Cassidy Ashton & Vaughan Architect
Modules - Premier Modular
Structural Engineers - Clancy

Project Overview

Modular construction reduces programme time and ensures cost certainty. The staff and 420 primary students had to be in their new premises by September 2016, as they were in restricted rental accommodation and struggling to meet the new intake.

Business Imperative

The original solution, which had achieved planning approval, was a concrete framed building - time constraints and cost increases changed the client's decision as to how the project was to be delivered. The challenge was to design a modular solution and deliver this eye-catching and innovative building to reflect the planning consent, whilst keeping within the tight programme and budget restriction to meet the local authority imperative.

We take great pride in our ability to deliver design solutions that exceed the usual limitations of modular construction, using a combination of our in-house design team and experienced external partners.

Foundation works started in November 2015 with the modules being delivered in March for completion by August 2016. The visual aspect had to adhere to the planning constraints - based on 'traditional' construction techniques.

Working as a specialist subcontractor to Conlon Construction, with architects Cassidy Ashton & Vaughan - Premier Modular was involved right from the start, working from the initial architects designs to deliver the client's vision.
The new building had to meet the overall objectives of the Regeneration Masterplan, to be inspiring, innovative and fresh but also to meet the visions of the school.

These include the preparation of pupils to inspire them for life, a greater depth of learning, open-mindedness and an enriched school life through arts, sports and enhanced health.

Although now widely accepted that offsite construction provides high quality, fast and disruption free developments, the challenge was to create this visually stunning building with many unique features. Many manufacturers would consider these difficult to achieve with modular construction due to factory and transport constraints.

These challenges included:
• The design and manufacture of some exceptionally wide 4.6 metre modules.
• Angular external walls with cladding, giving a contemporary finish with feature sun shades and balconies.
• Angled modules to create an inspiring welcoming entrance hall with over sailing roof.
• Picture windows creating light and airy spaces with a double height light-well running the length of the buildings.
• The creation of an external roof top teaching area to create a unique learning environment.