MJH Structural Engineers - 101 George Street

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Project Details

Project - 101 George Street

Sector - Commerical

Technology - Volumetric Modular

Company - MJH Structural Engineers

Project Overview

MJH Structural Engineers developed a new type of volumetric modular system that can construct modular buildings over 40 storeys, illustrating previously considered aspirational heights of construction for the offsite industry, are now a reality with the delivery of the World's Tallest modular building.

This new system delivers all the benefits that have come to be expected of a volumetric modular system: expediated and more certain construction programmes; reductions in the number of personnel on site; design flexibility; reduced movements to site; reduced construction waste; greater material efficiency; reduced C02 emissions and high quality construction details constructed to rigorous QC procedures.

Ensuring the benefits of modular construction are maximised while pushing the upper height of modular buildings requires innovative structural solutions, and creative building methods. In addition to these benefits that are consistent across most volumetric buildings , the VMS corner post system uses concrete floors which creates a robust module meeting the Client and occupier's expectations while also exceeding the industry standard for fire resistance and sound insulation.

Find further information on MJH Structural Engineers on their website: www.mjhse.com