Masonry Frame Systems - Specialist Frame Contractor

Project Details

Project - Specialist Frame Contractor

Sector - Commercial

Technology - Offsite

Company - Masonry Frame Systems

Project Overview

The MFS i-Form Solution is the captive name of Masonry Frame Systems structural build method. It incorporates floors, walls, roofs to form the structural envelope. MFS were founded in 2004, and evolved into a specialist Masonry Frame contractor that builds the structural envelopes of buildings in a quick, efficient, cost effective manner, using lean management, intelligent engineering critical path analysis and some of the latest Modern Methods of Construction, saving both time and money, following the influence of the 2016 Farmer Review - A critical review of the Construction Industry, we have called our approach, the MFS i-Form Solution, this was branded and launched in 2019.

The MFS i-Form Solution is a Platform for DfMA approach to MMC (Design for Manufacture & Assembly to Modern Methods of Construction)

Challenges that are faced by the Industry today include:

• To build more Quickly and more Effectively
• To reduce Construction time and build costs
• To improve productivity
• To address the skills shortage and attract more newcomers
• To ensure greater certainty of Delivery
• To reduce carbon footprint and build more sustainably

MFS- Specialist Frame Contractor -i-Form Solution addresses these current challenges.

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