Knight Architects - St Philips Footbridge

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Project Details

Project - St Philips Footbridge

Sector - Commerical

Technology - Offsite

Company - Knight Architects

Project Overview

The St. Philips pedestrian and cycle bridge in Bristol spans the River Avon, contributing much-needed accessibility to an area isolated by several infrastructures and the watercourse. Used for rail-related activities for more than 150 years, the area is set for a transformation into a new city centre neighbourhood as part of one of the most important current urban development projects in Bristol.

In an extraordinarily challenging site, the structure is the result of a thorough design process that simultaneously responds to geometric, architectural, hydraulic, environmental, and buildability-related constraints. The footbridge connects two banks with a significant difference in elevation, appearance, ground conditions and accessibility, one of them soon to be transformed into a new district and the other being an industrial area that is planned to turn into a public space in the longer term.

The holistic architectural, functional, and structural design approach led to an innovative and elegant 50m-span and 4-m wide forked steel bridge, seamlessly hosting a staircase as well as a ramp for disabled users and cyclists. The bridge helps to catalyse urban development, setting the quality benchmark for the future regeneration of the area.

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