Kier Construction - Buckingham Park, St Nicolas & St Mary Schools

Project Details

Project - Buckingham Park, St Nicolas & St Mary Schools
Sector - Education
Technology - Volumetric Modular
Company - Kier Construction

Project Overview

Buckingham Park and St Nicolas & St Mary Schools is unique project featuring modular extensions to two nearby primary schools in Shoreham by Sea. Due to demographic changes in the area, provision was needed to expand on existing facilities.

Offsite construction provided the client with the speed and flexibility to keep to the challenging timescales without compromising the completion date. Volumetric technology formed the majority of the works, accounting for 65% of the total build, with 80% of finishes and fittings installed and tested at the modular contractor's factory.

Compared with a traditional build, the project team was able to save a third in construction time, assembling 79 modular units in just four weeks. This could not be achieved through conventional construction methods in the time frame.

The project was completed on time and under budget and despite the complex nature of working within the school grounds, was delivered RIDDOR-free, with very little impact on the day-to-day running of the schools. The functional and efficient design of the modular units gave the best possible outcome, enhancing the client's teaching provision and providing high quality facilities to accommodate increased student numbers.