Kier Construction - Broadmoor Hospital

Project Details

Project - Broadmoor Hospital Redevelopment
Sector - Health
Delivery Architect - Gilling Dod Architects
Contractor - Kier Construction
Technology - Concrete

Project Overview

Broadmoor Hospital provides assessment, treatment and care in conditions of high security for men. It's 1 of 3 high-security psychiatric hospitals in England and is internationally recognised for its work with patients and extensive research activities. Hospital staff treat people with mental illness and personality disorders who represent a high degree of risk to themselves or to others.

In this context, the project, constructing 5 buildings (incl. 10 wards with 164 bedrooms) within the grounds of a fully operational secure hospital required a different approach to construction. An exact approach to quality was vital whilst the live site limited people movement and the remote location reduced labour availability. At tender Kier switched design from traditional frame and façade to a 6,000 component precast solution. The benefits are best summed up by our client, speaking in 2016:

"The offsite precast construction has provided huge benefits for us. Most of all the speed at which the programme has been able to progress…what that has also brought about is the robustness and the consistency in terms of quality because of the offsite construction."

Vivienne Mowatt Redevelopment Programme Director, West London Mental Health NHS Trust