Project Details

Project - Severn Trent Academy

Sector - Residential

Technology - Offiste

Company - Integra Buildings

Project Overview

The Severn Trent Academy is a stunning example of how Integra Buildings is deploying cutting-edge offsite construction methods to deliver exceptional buildings that meet the requirements and exceed the expectations of clients. Working seamlessly with a trusted and highly experienced offsite supply chain, Integra created a sustainable, cost-effective and multi-faceted building housing state-of-the-art training and conference facilities. The £5.25m academy is at the heart of a £10m training and skills programme. While the architects envisaged a traditional construction project, Integra demonstrated the vision to adopt a bespoke modular building approach to meet the client’s design aspirations in full, while providing significant time and cost savings and reducing waste and on-site disruption. Offsite manufacturing was the critical factor enabling Integra to deliver the project within the client’s timescales, despite the Covid crisis and unprecedented disruption to the construction industry. Integra built a close and collaborative relationship with Severn Trent, who said Integra “shared the same values and ambitions as ourselves in delivering such an amazing space in which to learn”.