Project Details

Project - Little Kelham

Sector - Residential/Leisure

Technology - Offsite

Company - Innovaré

Project Overview

Little Kelham, Sheffield was once an industrial area renowned for steelmaking. This project involved restoration works to bring former mill buildings back to life combined with new construction to deliver homes and leisure spaces. The unique design reconciles the character of the former factories and the style of the new buildings which reflect its industrial heritage. i-SIP offsite technology achieved the challenging design brief to deliver 153 exceptionally sustainable and energy efficient homes in line with Passivhaus guidelines. The i-SIP full structural system with triple glazing was selected as the main fabric for the townhouses and apartments as this combination allows energy efficient temperature regulation, resulting in low heating requirements and healthier living environments. The Innovaré site team were able to create the structure for a dwelling in a week and the installation of the structural i-SIP System for the eight phases took just 67 weeks to complete. Designed to be a catalyst for change, Little Kelham acts as a model for creating sustainable places. Its design has won multiple awards and helped transform the wider area from post-industrial decline into one of the most desirable places to live in the UK.