Hawkins\Brown - The Gantry at Here East

Project Details

Project - The Gantry at Here East

Sector - Commercial

Technology - Offsite

Company - Hawkins\Brown

Project Overview

New ways of modelling and advances in manufacturing techniques are bringing designers much closer to the fabrication and assembly of buildings. This change has been particularly evident across the Here East project, culminating in the Gantry, a series of 23 mass-custom-built artist studios constructed using innovative digital design and construction tools, housed in a truly unusual structure.

The structure is a London Olympic legacy product - an heroically scaled, 240 metre long steel frame previously containing ventilation equipment for the Broadcast Centre studios behind. It was originally slated for removal following the Games. Rather than demolish this striking construction, we saw potential in its ultra-rational grid and opportunities to insert objects onto its enormous decks. Twenty-one individual artist studios in a chequerboard pattern plug into walkways running down the Gantry's central spine.

Find further information on Hawkins\Brown on their website: www.hawkinsbrown.com