Gilbert & Goode - Green Build Hub

Project Details

Project - Green Build Hub
Sector - Commercial
Architect - Gilbert & Goode
Technology - Volumetric Modular

Project Overview

The Green Build Hub (GBH) is the brainchild of Cornwall Sustainable Buildings Trust (CSBT) and has been designed, procured and built as an exemplar sustainable building that will demonstrate tangibly what can and is being done in Cornwall to improve the sustainability of construction.

The two-storey BREEAM 'Outstanding' building sits in a prominent position on the Eden Project site and has been designed to incorporate numerous sustainable features. The concertina facade incorporates a series of glazed sections between low impact structural insulated panels to showcase renewable materials in modular walls e.g. straw bales. It is a 'living laboratory' where eco-building products will be installed, tested and monitored to produce objective and comprehensive performance data in a real building setting.

The building will also serve as a distinctive training centre, and encourage inward investment by companies such as specialist green suppliers by enabling them to showcase and test innovative products within the building.

The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) provided £1.1m of funding towards the £1.4m R&D project; an exemplar in the delivery of a complex, high quality design project with excellent 'value for money'. The project has achieved a BREEAM level of 'Outstanding'. The project is within budget, and for a budget level set to ordinarily deliver BREEAM 'Excellent'.

The concertina front of the building will incorporate a series of glazed sections between low impact structural insulated panels. These panels will showcase the renewable materials in modular walls, such as straw bales and will be interchangeable and adapt to new technology

The project demonstrated numerous exemplar and innovative sustainable and standard construction processes including BIM, BREEAM, VAMP, Value/ Risk/ Sustainability Workshops, Lean Construction, NEC Contracts, Two-Stage Procurement, Sustainable Construction Technologies, Renewable Energy Technologies, Apprenticeship Schemes, In-Situ Monitoring, Interchangeable SIPS Panels, Full Accessibility and DC Energy Office Installation.

The collaboration and team working ethos throughout the project has been exceptional and has contributed to delivering all of the CSBT's aspirations.