Fusion Building Systems - Addlestone One

Project Details

Project - Addlestone One
Sector - Residential, Commercial
Contractor - Bouygues
Technology - Steel

Project Overview

We design, manufacture and build light gauge steel superstructures for use in the construction industry. We're based in Northampton and work with some of the UK's largest housebuilders and developers as they strive to find more intelligent, dependable, cost-effective and faster ways of building.

In 2016 we were awarded a contract by developer Bouygues to design and build the superstructures for six residential apartment buildings, four and six storeys high at Runnymede Borough Council's Addlestone One town centre regeneration scheme. The apartments had initially been designed for a timber frame structure but due to budget constraints and concerns over fire safety, Bouygues sought alternative options. After reviewing concrete and light gauge steel as possible materials, concluded that our pre-insulated system would be the most suitable option.

In addition to budget constraints, the Addlestone site was extremely busy with so many elements of the regeneration scheme coming together at the same time. Access was tight and with a school located opposite the site, there were further restrictions over vehicle movements. By integrating our teams early in the supply chain, we were able to work closely on every element of design - adapting these from the original timber frame design and working to retain the architectural intent of the buildings - through to pre-construction, manufacture and installation on site. With clear communication we were able deliver exactly the right product to site, pre-insulated, with M&E positioning pre-cut. With five or six times fewer vehicle loads to site than traditional build methods, little or no wastage and no more than 10 installation personnel on site at any one time, we were able to provide predictability and reliability throughout the build.

Our work on this project is now complete, but over the 12-month build programme only a two week slippage was experienced by the client. We adapted our plans to work around the issue faced, enabling us to continue without impacting any other element of the scheme.

"Fusion was a reliable partner throughout the Addlestone One project. The whole team worked extremely well together and from experience, they knew the ideas they were proposing would work. We made the right decision switching from timber to light gauge steel and I'm excited to explore ways in which Fusion can be part of our plans in the future."

Simon Phipps, Regional Construction Director, Bouygues UK Housing London & South East

Following our success at Addlestone, Bouygues is keen to invest in the future of offsite, examining the projects it has in its pipeline to see how they could be developed using smart modular methods of construction.

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