Project Details

Project - The Underwood

Sector - Residential

Technology - Offiste/Modular

Company - Fuse Architects

Project Overview

Fuse Architects are driving forward the use of offsite manufacture, modern methods of construction and modular technologies in the majority of their projects. We are working closely with affordable housing providers, Councils and private developers to champion the use of MMC for residential schemes. The use of MMC is combined with the delivery of net-zero carbon housing. We believe, and promote, the use of MMC and OSM to tackle the housing shortage and the climate crisis we are in. The need to deliver high quality, highly insulated, low or net-zero carbon housing, at speed, is becoming more and more prevalent to help tackle these crises. Our projects, in the last 12 months, include multiple projects for full modular housing with Ilke Homes, L&G Modular and TopHat, plus extensive use of offsite manufactured SIPs systems, both timber and LGSF. Our case study project, for this submission, The Underwood, Greenwich, exemplifies our approach to using MMC and our commitment to offsite manufacture. Overall, we are an inspiring example of an architectural practice that has wholeheartedly embraced offsite manufacture.