Bryden Wood - Flight Connection Centre at Heathrow

Project Details

Company - Bryden Wood
Project - Heathrow Airport T3 - Flight Connection Centre
Technology - Concrete Steel Volumetric
Sector - Commercial

Project Overview

Part of the remodelling of Heathrow Airport T3 was a requirement to create a temporary Flight Connection Centre (FCC), serving 9000 passengers a day, across an area of over 4000m², to allow the existing facility to be demolished and remodelled, but not affect passenger flows and experience. As the only space available, the facility was built on Airplane Stand 323. This location came with an enormous number of restrictions due to the very close proximity of operational aircraft and the operational airfield environment serving these planes.

The operational readiness of the facility was critical for Heathrow Airport to close down the existing T1. The implications of not meeting this date and the impact on airline departure and arrival locations were considered enormous. There was no solution in place that could be constructed in the timescales or for a budget that was acceptable to Heathrow. The design and delivery of the building needed to remove as much risk and uncertainty from the delivery process as possible. Bryden Wood took the briefing requirements prepared by HAL's design team and in partnership with Mace, took the building from a sketched delivery strategy to a completed and operational building in under 12 months.