Project Details

Project - Renaissance Works

Sector - Educational 

Technology - Steel

Company - EOS

Project Overview

The former Co-operative building in Huddersfield stood derelict for almost two decades. It has now been refurbished, expanded and reborn as Renaissance Works. Main construction activity was carried out for SKA Developments by Spring & Company and local firm Big Red Construction. Engineers removed the original roof and replaced with a concrete deck ready for a roof top extension – designed, engineered and manufactured by light steel frame specialist EOS. This radical transformation uses Thrubuild® to best effect to maximise space via three-storey extension on top of the existing building. Offering multiple loadbearing applications, Thrubuild® was used for external and internal walls, internal and separating floors. Providing a robust and lightweight solution to reduce loading on the existing building and foundations, the combination of strength and precision engineering delivered by Thrubuild® offered broad parameters for the designers to create 138 student bedrooms through 75 apartments. In collaboration with Etex group partners, EOS developed the loadbearing Thrubuild® systems range to deliver crucial safety, time and cost benefits. With 60, 90, 120-minute fire resistance options, the range is supported by a 30-year warranty.