Cundall - Cyber Quarter: Midlands Centre for Cyber Security

Project Details

Project - Cyber Quarter: Midlands Centre for Cyber Security

Sector - Education

Technology - Timber

Company - Cundall

Project Overview

The Cyber Quarter is a new build multi-purpose centre of excellence in the field of cyber security and represents a flagship scheme for the University of Wolverhampton. The new build, cross laminated timber (CLT) framed centre provides facilities for research and development across three cyber laboratories as part of the Wolverhampton Cyber Research Institute and provides tenanted office space for up to twenty cyber companies. A full height glass atrium acts as a dual break-out space and function hall, alongside the main three-storey building that houses business suites, innovation rooms, IT workshops and a ‘Cyber Range’ – a cutting edge facility to defend against the global rise of hacking. The ground floor provides the principal training spaces for the facility. Each wing is an open area to facilitate break-out meetings. The upper floors are restricted access and contain most of the tenant units, giving them greater security, away from the open areas on the ground floor. The first floor comprises the cyber tenant units with enlarged corridors to provide break-out seating areas. The third floor houses the cyber range, a facility that generates real-time hacking scenarios.