Cloud Offsite Construction – Knaphill Library Redevelopment

Project Details

Project - Knaphill Library Redevelopment Project
Sector - Education
Architect - Cloud Offsite Construction
Technology - Volumetric Modular, Steel

Project Overview

"We are very pleased with the system and how the scheme is shaping up and look forward to working with Cloud Offsite Construction on further projects in the future."

Tony Biddiscombe: Head of Business Development, Mears New Homes

Constructed on the site of a former library, the proposed site for the new homes was bounded by a number of commercial properties with residential accommodation above, resulting in issues with site boundaries and party walls as well as logistical constraints. Although initial plans featured only traditional building methods, it soon became clear that these challenges would requires a more flexible design approach, and the decision was made to bring in an offsite construction company and deliver a part modular/part traditional build solution. The modules were delivered to site pre-finished externally, and connections and final fix internals were then completed on site. Combining building techniques meant that the building programme was reduced by four months, enabling the client to get residents into the new properties sooner.

Offsite construction has many benefits, but the flexibility it offers architects and builders is particularly important, particularly as more and more space has to be utilised in our towns and cities to address the current housing crisis. When space is at a premium, modular construction techniques mean that the new building or extension can be designed around whatever space is available, with new finishes making it indistinguishable from a traditional build. Quicker build times also benefit everyone involved, right through to the tenant who is able to take up residence in their new high quality, energy-efficient home sooner.

"The Knaphill Project is a great example of how modular construction has evolved beyond offering the inflexible 4-sided box that people used to expect. It shows how offsite construction can complement traditional building techniques, combining the best of both worlds for the most successful outcome. Working with a company like Mears New Homes, which was open to looking at new answers to complex challenges, made sure the client and future tenants got the successful redevelopment project they needed."

Ben Pemberton: Director, Cloud Offsite Construction.