On The Level - chosen by The Darwin Group to produce bespoke shower floors

Project Details

Project - The Darwin Group 
Sector - Health
Technology - Component Supplier 
Company - On The Level 

Project Overview

Leading UK based shower floor manufacturer On The Level, were chosen by The Darwin Group to produce bespoke shower floors for a COVID-19 Emergency Contingency Ward for Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh NHS Trust. 

The facility which aims to be clinically operating within weeks requires shower facilities, On The Level met the needs for bespoke shower floors requirements for use with sheet vinyl floor applications which incorporated the design and use of the building.

Darwin Group Design Manager, Sam Tyler commented; “The bespoke service from On The Level allowed us to place the gully almost anywhere on the former to avoid any underfloor obstacles.  It offered us complete design flexibility on the two types of showering arrangement for Wigan.” 

This is the first of three current NHS facilities secured and in production by The Darwin Group in response to COVID-19 emergency facilities for the NHS. 

Chris Sutton, Sales Director for On The Level said “Our bespoke service is key for offsite manufacturers. We understand that speed and ease of installation is important.  We take the concerns and risk of creating shower floors away from designers and in turn from the factory operatives.”

On The Level work closely with all types of offsite manufacturers and are able to respond and manufacture shower floors quickly to meet project deadlines.  They continue to work with offsite manufacturers delivering urgent NHS projects across the UK and remain in production as an essential supplier to the industry during these challenging times. 

For more information click here or contact On The Level on 01525 373202, email: sales@onthelevel.co.uk