CABU - CABU Modular Building

Project Details

Project - CABU Modular Building

Sector - Commercial/Leisure/Residential/Retail

Technology - Timber

Company - CABU

Project Overview

The CABU modular building is a marriage of design efficiency with optimal architecture forged from experience and aesthetics.

The engineered timber construction offers simple discreet assembly methods that seek to compliment the process and maximise the efficiency. A softwood glulam frame is expressed internally to inform the junctions of the building whilst being enveloped at floor, wall and roof level by the light weight structural tongue and groove composite insulated timber panels to provide the internal timber finish and a high level of thermal performance.

Crittal style double glazed aluminium windows and doors with slim profiles accentuate the openings in the building and work in harmony with the aluminium flashings and cappings used externally. Concealed services, gutters and rainwater pipes hide behind high quality timber cladding around the walls and contrast with the powder coated corrugated metal roof.

The building is so lightweight it floats above the terrain mounted on helical screw piles driven into the soil to minimise impact on the surrounding environment. Is it used for residential, commercial, leisure or retail? It's capable for all and diverse enough for you to decide.

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