Bond Bryan - Lymington Fields School

Project Details

Project - Lymington Fields School

Sector - Commerical

Technology - Timber/MDF

Company - Bond Bryan

Project Overview

Bond Bryan have used a variety of offsite solutions for several other school projects, we are confident in its ability to meet both the client's budget and technical requirements. The Lymington Fields School site complements the adjacent housing scheme and forms part of a regeneration plan and is designed to accommodate 45 nursery pupils, 630 primary school pupils and 900 secondary school pupils. On completion, the campus will form the largest secondary school in Europe.The use of offsite construction enabled the delivery of this project.

The school was delivered using a component-led approach; the design was broken down into the minimum number of repeatable components. For the Lymington Fields school the same 16 components were used to deliver c.90% of the school. This repetitive use reduced both manufacturing and installation cost due to speed and efficiency.
The reduction in programme from this design approach saved c.£3m of prelim costs.

The standardisation of design included taking the original structural design and rationalising 40 column types down to 2 precast columns, saved time and cost.
The use of offsite also allowed us to reduce the impact on waste without a single tonne of waste being sent to landfill.

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