Project Details

Project - Isla

Sector - Residential

Technology - Offsite

Company - Blackstock Consultancy

Project Overview

We are putting forward Etopia’s innovative technology ISLA, a smart system that enables the monitoring and management of energy usage in the home. ISLA can significantly reduce energy bills in the most effective way and encourages the wider understanding of a building’s carbon usage. This is done through several different features, from measuring leakages to sensors that automatically lower blinds and turn off heating systems. While ISLA will be an essential tool in which to prove the environmental superiority of MMC, and encourage its wider adoption, it can also help identify issues in traditionally built houses for retrofitting purposes, allowing all homes to meet the 2025 Future Homes Standard as cost efficiently as possible. By knowing how homes are performing and providing a solid data framework it de-risks the venture for insurers and lenders alike, tapping into ESG investment frameworks globally.