Beattie Passive - Haus4one

Project Details

Project - Haus4one

Sector - Residential

Technology - Timber 

Company - Beattie Passive

Project Overview

Haus4one is Beattie Passive's answer to the UK's homelessness crisis. Our high-quality product is built to stringent Passivhaus standards, ensuring a comfortable home with considerably reduced heating requirements, helping to lift residents out of fuel poverty.

Haus4one is built to turnkey offsite and can be delivered anywhere and installed ready for habitation within hours. The units have very lightweight foundation requirements with fast connections to mains or temporary services, allowing easy relocation as required. What's more, they can be built atop one another up to three storeys tall, creating instant apartment blocks. The Beattie Passive patented build system allows for each unit to be constructed in less than eight weeks by a small team.

Haus4one is our affordable modular housing solution, offering a considerably higher performance and quality standard than current alternatives. It offers a far higher quality of life for residents as it is the first Passivhaus-standard temporary housing unit on the market. It can be built rapidly at scale at an affordable price, allowing Council's and Housing Developers to meet the needs of their clients, and work towards reducing homelessness in their area, quickly and effectively.

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