Banagher Precast Concrete - Record Breakers: 50 Metre Precast Beams

Project Details

Project - Record Breakers: 50 Metre Precast Beams

Sector - Infrastructure

Technology - Precast Concrete

Company - Banagher Precast Concrete

Project Overview

Record Breakers: Longest Prestressed Concrete Beams in UK & Ireland This entry is based on Structure 26 Laney River Bridge - the longest prestressed concrete bridge beams ever designed, manufactured, transported and installed in the UK or Ireland. This significant structure incorporated 7 Banagher W19 beams, measuring 50 metres long, they are 2.5 metres high and weigh a seriously impressive 155 tonnes each. Structures with spans over 46 metres are traditionally made from steel, unfortunately this method requires a lot of assembly and works onsite, never before has a precast beam of this length been manufactured offsite in Ireland or the UK until now. The £240 million N22 Macroom bypass project includes the construction of 130 structures, including crossings over the Sullane, Laney, and Bohill rivers – each one a challenge and each one a record breaking structure, the Macroom bypass project is engineering at its most spectacular and a testament to offsite construction in the civils sector.